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  • 5 In-Car Hr+1 Road Test=$195

  • 10 In-Car Hr+1 RoadTest=$295

  • Full MTO Course=$ 349+HST
         at Toronto Location

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    Welcome to WWW.DRIVECITY.CA serving Toronto, and Mississauga

    About us


    We provide driving courses and packages in Mississauga and Toronto area. We teach defensive driving techniques to drive safe in different weather conditions...more

    We emphasize to train the student according to Canadian driving conditions. We educate our students to drive in all weather conditions.

    Our qulaified instructors make it easy to get your G2, and G road test ..more


    We also provide Driving Rehabilitation program for drivers went through road accidents.



    You need to get your G1 licence before you go for your G2 licence. As a new drive you have to wait for 8 month with Ministry-Approved BDE course before you go to your G2 road test ...more

    What's New

    Ontario Drivers Could Face Demerit Points And Tougher Fines For Distracted Driving

    While we continue to see shocking stunt videos of Arab men texting on the hood of speeding cars and motorcyclists tweeting while riding backwards, it looks like laws are tightening up in parts of Canada to avoid similar disregard for distracted driving......more

    Gov't says Canada needs a universal language of car horn honks

    In Canada, it is required by law that all motor vehicles have a horn. However, the message being communicated when someone honks their horn can vary greatly. From a friendly "hello" to an aggravated warning, the intention of a honk is not always clear......more

    Texting while driving common among Ontario teens: study

    A survey of Ontario high school students reveals more than one-third of all licensed drivers in Grades 10 to 12 admit to having texted while driving.......more

    Ontario to bring back bill to toughen penalties for distracted driving

    Premier Kathleen Wynne says she is concerned that Ontario teens are forming bad habits when it comes to texting while driving, after a new survey suggested an alarming number of students are typing while behind the wheel........more

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